Sabrina Parson, CEO of Palo Alto, Eugene



Amber Tamayo


Shaun Sieren, O’Neill Pub, Portland


As a family owned business, our employees and our customers are our extended family. I believe that a policy that allows for my family, employees, and my customers to care for their loved ones during a health crisis or the birth of a child is important especially now. With the Affordable Care Act being threatened, we need a reasonable plan for working Oregonians. I believe HB 3087 is the right solution because it will allow all of us the peace of mind we need to live healthy and productive lives.  

I believe that a Family and Medical Leave insurance plan that allows for a more up to date definition of family, is a sign of the times. We deserve to care for our families, whether they are part of our nuclear family or otherwise. Family should be defined by affinity and that is another reason I am supporting HB 3087 and I urge you to do the same.

I believe small businesses like mine need a responsible and easy to implement plan to care for our families, please support HB 3087 and allow every working Oregonian the piece of mind they deserve.


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