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The Main Street Alliance of Oregon is the state’s voice for business, advocating for its members at all levels of government.  The Alliance creates opportunities for small business owners to speak for ourselves, advancing public policies that are good for our businesses, our employees and the communities we serve. The Main Street Alliance advocates for economy-boosting investments that support the Main Street customer base, fair rules of the road, and a level playing field for small businesses to compete.

MSA OR's advocacy work is focused on initiatives concerning small businesses including education, economic development, tax reform, business development, accessibility and viability, immigration, healthcare.

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Paid Family & Medical Leave

Currently, Oregon is considering implementing a statewide family and medical leave insurance program that would allow Oregonians to have access to paid, job-protected leave for to take time to bond with or care for a new child, recover from a serious long-term illness or injury, or care for a family member with a serious long-term illness or injury.

Without job-protected, paid time off, parents face an impossible choice between their child’s health and their income. When parents have the opportunity to care for and bond with a newborn, they are giving their children the best start, which will help Oregon’s future generations thrive. Programs like PFML help boost our economy by attracting more young talented people to the state and encouraging young families to stay in Oregon, which ultimately helps attract new businesses here and helps our current small business community thrive...

Tax Fairness            

The President and Republicans in Congress passed a tax plan that gave massive tax cuts to Big Business and the super wealthy, by gutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Education and other key public programs. 

Politicians, pundits, and the media want to hear from small business owners, but too often big business dominates the narrative. Traditional business associations and corporate lobbyists speak for small business owners, rather than letting Main Street business owners speak for yourself. It's time to take back your voice and set the record straight on the issues impacting your business and your community. We want to hear from you, click here to share your story.

Hate Has No Business Here

The member businesses of the Main Street Alliance and our fellow small business owners throughout the country are deeply disturbed by hateful rhetoric and violence aimed at our Muslim and Arab community members, at refugees fleeing violence, at immigrants, at women and at people of color in our communities.  This swell of hate and fear permeating our national dialogue both during and after the most recent election is dangerous. We believe it must be met head-on with clear statements of principle from local business owners because we are leaders in our communities.

Main Street Alliance of Oregon

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