Capital Access   

The viability of Oregon's small businesses relies on fair access to capital, quality and educated workforce and business incentives. The primary challenges for many small firms are inadequate access to capital and business technical support. Despite the fact small business account for 98 percent of Oregon firms, employ over half the state's workforce and play a vital role in Oregon's economy, policy and capital access incentive programs have continued to weigh in favor of large corporations. Impacted small businesses have been excluded from policy decision-making tables...

Economic Development: A Better Oregon            

The Main Street Alliance of Oregon has joined A Better Oregon, a coalition of parents, teachers, small businesses, leaders and organizations, to make sure we get the schools and services we need by making large and out-of-state corporations pay their fair share in taxes...

Hate Has No Business Here

The member businesses of the Main Street Alliance and our fellow small business owners throughout the country are deeply disturbed by hateful rhetoric and violence aimed at our Muslim and Arab community members, at refugees fleeing violence, at immigrants, at women and at people of color in our communities.  This swell of hate and fear permeating our national dialogue both during and after the most recent election is dangerous. We believe it must be met head-on with clear statements of principle from local business owners because we are leaders in our communities...













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