Paid Family & Family Leave

Currently, Oregon is considering implementing a statewide family and medical leave insurance program that would allow Oregonians to have access to paid, job-protected leave for to take time to bond with or care for a new child, recover from a serious long-term illness or injury, or care for a family member with a serious long-term illness or injury.

Without job-protected, paid time off, parents face an impossible choice between their child’s health and their income. When parents have the opportunity to care for and bond with a newborn, they are giving their children the best start, which will help Oregon’s future generations thrive. Programs like Family Leave help boost our economy by attracting more young talented people to the state and encouraging young families to stay in Oregon, which ultimately helps attract new businesses here and helps our current small business community thrive.

Creating a statewide insurance program not only would provide relief to families, but to employers who would no longer have to make the choice about whether or not to provide maternity, paternity, or disability leave to their employees.

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