Equal Pay Day 2019

What is Equal Pay Day? Equal Pay Day is the day designated to represent the amount of time it takes women overall to catch up to a men’s earnings from the previous year.

Overall, women in the United States are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men. Women of color and moms face even bigger wage gap disparities.

For women of color, the wage gap is worse - their equal pay days happen later in the year. Black women are typically paid 61 cents and Latinas are paid just 53 cents on the dollar. Asian American women are make 85 cents, although some ethnic subgroups of Asian women fare much worse. Native American women make 58 cents and moms overall make 69 cents on the dollar.

The wage gap also varies by state: Women in Oregon are paid just 81 cents for every dollar paid to men (see full state by state information here).


On April 2, 2019, join small business owners across the country in fighting for equal pay. There are clear steps we can take to close the wage gap.

  • Strengthen our equal pay laws so that women are better able to fight back against pay discrimination. It’s time for the Paycheck Fairness Act to become law!
  • Raise the minimum wage and lift up the wages of women in low-wage jobs. Women make up nearly seven in ten (69 percent) of those in the lowest-wage jobs.
  • Increase the availability of high-quality, affordable child care to ensure women (who are often the primary caregivers) can work the hours they want, and make the choices they want to advance their careers
  • Establish national programs for paid sick days and paid family and medical leave for all caregivers regardless of gender. Both would help keep women in the workforce, resulting in higher wages over time. Pregnancy discrimination protections, access to quality, affordable child care and predictable schedules are also essential for retention and advancement.
  • Ensure women’s access to affordable, comprehensive reproductive health care. This enables women to pursue education and career opportunities and can increase workforce attachment and wages over time.


Show your support, hang a poster in your business, take a photo with it in your business and share it on social media using #EqualPayDay - tweet it at us @mainstreetweets!


April 02, 2019 at 12am - April 03, 2019
Iris Hodge ·

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