Climate Solutions

A Local Economy is the Solution

Under this climate action platform, MSA Oregon will be advocating for policies that improve the sustainability of small businesses and strengthen the local economy. For a small business to be sustainable it must be integrated into the local economy, supporting and being supported by its neighbors. This integration should stretch from sourcing materials locally, all the way to increasing local civic engagement to make the economy work better for small businesses.

In a local economy, businesses use regional resources to meet their needs and in doing so become connected to the entire community. In this interconnection lies strength and resilience. Businesses that are integrated into the local community will last because they know what the community needs and wants and they are accountable to the people they serve. When local businesses support each other, buy from each other, and collaborate together they will each be stronger and more successful. A sustainable business understands its reliance on the environment and works to ensure that it is not exceeding its limits. When a local economy is made up of sustainable businesses, both in the environmental sense and the durability sense of the word, it is more resilient.

  • Small businesses must be the ones to define small business and define local economy instead of allowing others to set them and force us to conform.

  • MSA must ensure that small businesses are truly represented in policy development, especially when small businesses will be impacted.

  • MSA will work to unify small contractor and retail businesses, trade unions and community partners to advance comprehensive public policy solutions that increase economic opportunities and accessibility for small businesses, trade unions and community organizations.

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