Capital Access

The viability of Oregon's small businesses relies on fair access to capital, quality and educated workforce and business incentives. The primary challenges for many small firms are inadequate access to capital and business technical support. Despite the fact small business account for 98 percent of Oregon firms, employ over half the state's workforce and play a vital role in Oregon's economy, policy and capital access incentive programs have continued to weigh in favor of large corporations. Impacted small businesses have been excluded from policy decision-making tables.

Main Street Alliance of Oregon knows our members and small businesses encounter many challenges and barriers to access capital, resources and business support. Our organization works to advance policies that remove barriers and connect existing resources and tools to ensure our members and small businesses thrive. MSA OR was part of the founding and statewide table which created and implemented the Community Public Offering (CPO). Targeted at historically disenfranchised small business owners who have been struggling accessing the capital needed for growth, the CPO allows Oregon owned and operated businesses to raise up to $250,000 directly from their community, fellow Oregonians.

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