Small Business Accessibility and Viability Initiative (SBAVI)

The viability of Oregon's small businesses relies on fair access to capital, quality and educated workforce and business incentives. Small businesses with less than 50 employees account for 96 percent of Oregon companies, employ over 40 percent of the state's workforce, and are key drivers of wealth and job creation, especially in disadvantaged communities. Yet the majority of the state's economic and business policies and programs disproportionately not in favor of small businesses. Impacted small businesses have been excluded from policy decision-making tables as well as economic and wealth creation opportunities.

Small business can be a powerful vehicle to promote, create and build wealth and assets.  Current civic engagement models as well as public discourse exclude many small businesses, missing the opportunity to engage a constituent group that are proven and respected community leaders, despite rhetoric extolling the role of small business in the U.S. If we hope to alter the pattern of wealth development, small businesses and marginalized business owners need a strong voice to elevate their concerns in the political and economic landscape. In addition, the limited advocacy infrastructure offers few options for small businesses to be civically engaged, which further enhances economic disparity for disadvantaged small business communities.

Main Street Alliance of Oregon knows our members and small businesses encounter many challenges and barriers to access business resources and support. Our organization works to advance policies that remove barriers and connect existing resources and tools to ensure our members and small businesses thrive. Our goal is to shape public policy and promote private investments that increase and promote economic opportunities for small businesses. MSA OR was part of the founding and statewide table which created and implemented the Community Public Offering (CPO). Targeted at historically disenfranchised small business owners who have been struggling accessing the capital needed for growth, the CPO allows Oregon owned and operated businesses to raise up to $250,000 directly from their community, fellow Oregonians.

We are working to centralize and redirect business resources and remove regulatory barriers by connecting to small business to service organizations and state and local agencies.

MSA OR recently launched the Small Business Accessibility and Viability Initiative (SBAVI) that aims to address small business barriers. MSA OR is working with our members to ensure small businesses have a fair shot to succeed. By end of February, MSA OR business members will be able to access and connect resources and services around the state and in their local communities - stay tuned! Join us and share your ideas and help us win these fights together.

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