Small Business Accessibility and Viability Initiative (SBAVI)

Small businesses with less than 50 employees account for 96 percent of Oregon companies, employ over 40 percent of the state’s workforce, and are key drivers of wealth and job creation, especially in communities of color. Yet the majority of the state’s economic and business policies and programs disproportionately not in favor of small businesses, which in turn widens the economic disparity gap. Small businesses are often excluded from policy decision making tables as well as economic and wealth creation opportunities and struggle to access essential business services.

The Small Business Accessibility and Viability Initiative (SBAVI) integrates small business leadership, development opportunities and services as a means to ensure small business owners are financially viable and thrive.

The SBAVI aims to deliver greater outcomes through coordinating, communicating and transforming services for all stages of small businesses for small business owners in two ways:

  • by engaging in leadership and civic engagement development work to remove barriers that precludes them from economic and small business development opportunities, and

  • connecting and referring small business services, resources and technical support, and providing business educational programs

 Join us and share your ideas and help us win these fights together.






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